Saturday, August 23, 2008

Narva str, Tallinn

I’m a beauty parlor’s owner and therefore I like to keep up with new trends in fashion and beauty. Best place to shop is London – whole fashion vibe there is really edgy and there are so many great shops and markets. I got this dress also somewhere abroad and I loved its cool shape.

A.Laikmaa str, Tallinn

I have always like pastel colours mixed with black. Pink has also been my favourite for a while now. I really like Liisi Eesmaa’s creations. She also uses pastel colours and the materials and shapes are so original and innovative. However, I also like minimalist clothes- I’m a big fan of Scandinavian style. Therefore I like to go shopping in Stockholm.

Narva str, Tallinn

My current favourite items are this jacket and these sneakers. I’ve always liked good shoes. Besides sneakers I also like good leather boots. My favourite colour is black and overall I prefer dark colours. New ideas come from films and magazines. Looks there are always very put together. Street style can also inspire, but it takes a lot of time to find someone, whose style would suit me too.

A.Laikmaa str, Tallinn

There are so many talented and innovative young designers in Estonia and therefore there is a huge potential to develop a distinct streetstyle here. My own style is a combination of minimalist cuts and colours. Due my mother’s job I get to read many magazines for free and I get many ideas from there. There are so many talented less-known designers; but I also love some big names like Marc Jacobs.

Monday, August 18, 2008

I'm back from my short holiday in Tunisia and it was simply amazing there. I'll try to focus more on the blog and maybe I'll try some new formats of presenting street and personal style.

There will be one other change too... In October I'm moving to England, because I'm starting university there so I'll mainly take pictures there.


Toompuiestee, Tallinn

I’m a fashion designer and my label is called Leçon De Vetement. I’m initially from San Francisco, but I have been living in Europe for a while now. When I travel, I love taking photographs and my flickr account is flooded with snaphots. Photos, books, history and historical places inspire my style. My favourite eras are 20’s and 30’s. Plant and animal motives are also a must-have. Hats are also my thing. I mainly design my clothes or shop at Ebay.

Uus str, Tallinn

I wish I had time to make all my ideas into clothes. I like to add some new details, for example some motives from paintings I’ve seen. This dress used to be a simple black-white plaid dress, but I don’t like too uniform-like clothes and I wanted to give it a more relaxed and artsy vibe. I like when people have different styles. One style I really enjoy is nu-rave, because I like strong colours, however, it isn’t something that I would wear.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Lai str, Tallinn

My current style inspiration is Madonna, especially her earlier style in the 80s. My style is all about combining different 80’s elements and giving them a new touch. I like everything about the eighties – music, clothes etc. For this winter I’m looking for a Russian fur hat Ushanka.

Sauna str, Tallinn

Practical clothes are very important. There are so many clothes out there so you always have a choice. I also love wearing colourful clothes; I don’t know what I would do without them. I can’t pick any favourite colours, all rainbow colours are beautiful. I usually like to wear high heels, but I have some problems with my leg so I have discovered flats too.

Yumi and Miyuki,
Viru str, Tallinn

We love everything about Japanese street culture. It became when we started to listen different Japanese bands. It was very difficult at first to find such clothes, but now we have a nice collection. Essential parts of our style are tights and colourful necklaces. As other people are concerned, we really dislike people who criticize how other people dress – keep it to yourself, no-one wants to know!