Saturday, January 26, 2008

Linda and Jasmin,
Aleksanterinkatu, Helsinki, Finland

We love colours! People in Helsinki do not wear enough colour and tend to be bit bland. Our inspiration is Cool Kids’ group that made old-school hip-hop. We usually shop in Stockholm and many of our favourite brands are Swedish for example Cheap Monday. If we shop in Helsinki then we go to Helsinki10.

Aleksanterinkatu, Helsinki, Finland

At the moment I wear a lot of skinny jeans, but next spring I’m looking forward to wearing long jackets and nice tailored shoes. I usually shop at places like Helsinki10 and Beamhill. I just bought this hat. I sometimes like to watch what other people wear, but I would never copy someone.

Aleksanterinkatu, Helsinki, Finland

In fashion personal style is above all. I don’t have any particular style icons, cause it would distract me from my own style. But I do love to read fashion magazines. I usually shop at charity shops and UFF is a good one in Finland. I think people in Helsinki have a greta personal styles, because we don’t care what other people think.

Kamppi, Helsinki, Finland

I’m studying fashion design. Inspiration is very important for me. Currently I get ideas from boy scouts’ uniforms. I also like to experiment with different materials and techniques. My favourite designer is Raf Simons.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I won't be updating so often until about March. First, as the weather gets really bad and not many people will be outside and people think more about staying warm not looking über-stylish. Second, as this site is more of a hobby, I'm currently really busy with other things: graduating, finishing things so in autumn I could move to England and tons of other things. I won't shut this blog down, but there will be fewer updates. At least until spring comes.

Ave :)

Vabaduse Square, Tallinn

I don’t want to have too many clothes, I prefer ones with a story, but they also need to match and suit together. I buy most of my clothes from second-hands and if I go to an ordinary high-street shop, I customize things I buy so they wouldn’t look too trendy. I admire people with simple yet unique personal style, one of my favourites in Estonia is Iir Hermeliin.

Tammsaare’s park, Tallinn

I think the biggest influence on one’s style is how your circle of friends dresses. I don’t mean that you have to copy them, but I have noticed if friends change, your style also changes. I usually shop during the sales and I like to go abroad, because you can get really cool clothes really cheap.