Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tammsaare’s Park, Tallinn

I tend to notice very simple outfits – a pair of well-fitting jeans with a simple t-shirt is always a winner. I usually add some colourful details to otherwise plain clothes. Today I wear a bright necklace, but I also like spicing things up with a scarf. I don’t really read fashion magazines, but style there is always bit over the top and therefore isn’t really something I would wear.

Tammsaare’s Park, Tallinn

I’m actually just visiting Tallinn and I’m from Sweden. I like how Swedish people dress, but many people there look the same and lack originality. People are bit too trend-orientated. Although I don’t really know how to define and describe my style, I like to read fashion magazines, such as Elle, to get new ideas and update my wardrobe.

Viru str, Tallinn

One thing that I like about street style is that you can always see so many different people with different tastes. You can’t really say that two people have exactly the same style. When it comes to my style, I like wearing colourful clothes. My current favourite colour is red. At the moment I can’t think of anything I would really like to get, but if I want something, I’ll go and find it somewhere.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Kuninga Str, Tallinn

My favourite clothes are usually quite simple. It even doesn’t matter how they are styled – you can have many layers of them, but each one has to be subtle. Simplicity as a whole inspires me. Today I’m wearing a shirt-dress from the Rotermann Quarter, bag is second-hand and shoes from somewhere in Tartu. I don’t pay much attention to what other people wear, unfortunately you only notice them, who don’t really carry off their clothes.

Rüütli Str, Pärnu

I love leopard print details and I’m wearing them today also. All my clothes, except these tights, come from second-hands and mainly from Tartu. I used to live there before so I know the best places to shop. I really like what young people wear in Helsinki and when I go there I always get so many new ideas.
PS Estonian readers! Go and check out the article about Just Glitter Lust in Anne

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pikk Str, Tallinn

My current most desired item is a pair of heart-shaped sunglasses, but I haven’t found it yet. I really like bright pink and purple clothes and I always wear scarves. I like them in different colours and prints. I usually shop when I’m abroad; I think only this bag is from Estonia, other clothes are from Lithuania and Germany. I like people who wear what they want; even if it isn’t something I would wear.

Rotermann Quarter, Tallinn

My style is very chill yet crazy. Dreams are a great source for ideas – I see myself in outfits that work and I want to try them in real life too. I like to shop in Jack&Jones, NewYorker and other similar shops. It is so annoying how critical people are here, especially when it comes to someone else’s style.

A.Laikmaa Str, Tallinn

My style depends on my mood and where I’m going. Clothes have to make me feel good. Today I went to work and wanted to wear comfortable clothes. I try to minimize the amount of clothes I have and most of them come from second-hands or are hand-me-downs from friends like this sweater.

A.Laikmaa Str, Tallinn

This t-shirt has images of Rubik’s Cubes because I’m really into them at the moment. I think my style is changing and maturing when I change and mature, this is something unintentional that you really can’t avoid. However, I think I always put some personality into my clothes and I try not to lose that ‘something’ that defines my personal style. My favourite shop is Urban Outfitters.

A.Laikmaa Str, Tallinn

When I look through different magazines or street style blogs, I try to not copy things I saw there. I will gather all these ideas and different looks that where there and create a new outfit that will work on me. I really like oversized clothes, these have been a wardrobe must for a while. Oversized clothes work really well every season.

Vanaturu Kael, Tallinn

I don’t like to buy new things so I tend to wear all my clothes till they are worn out. If something feels bit dated, I’ll just print something on it and it is as good as new. I’m a textile artist so I have the screen printing equipment. This bag is one example of prints I like. When it comes to colours, my preferences change, but I have always loved all kinds of reds.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Viru Gates, Tallinn

In Estonia it is a common belief that your life will be a lot easier when you are modest and don’t dominate. This also reflects through clothes that are worn. I’m hippy at heart and like being around artistic people. I study at Estonian Academy of Arts and people there are very inspiring. I like wearing dresses, but I also find items from menswear, especially I like men’s watches.

Nunne str, Tallinn

I like Swedish minimalist style. Very few colours are used, but clothes have interesting shapes and textures. I also like Swedish designers, for example Filippa K. I mainly wear white, grey or black, but this summer my favourite item is a red bubble skirt. I’m also bit obsessed with all different kind of shoes. I like heels, but also these boots I’m wearing today.

Tammsaare’s Park, Tallinn

Long and oversize shirts and tops have a firm place in my wardrobe - I cannot stand mini tops. My newest purchases are different tights, of course black ones are a staple, but I also love ones with different patterns. I like wearing clothes my way, but ideas for updates I get from street style blogs, I sometimes browse this one, but I also like French blogs.

Müürivahe str, Tallinn

My style is very relaxed and colour oriented. I choose my clothes based on colour and it is much more important than actual shapes. I get ideas from different subcultures, music and films. I sometimes also see what is going on in fashion, but it isn’t as important source for ideas. This summer I love oversize shirts and also empire-cut tops.