Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Tammsaare’s Park, Tallinn

„I always try to avoid mainstream style and trends. In Estonia it is kind of difficult and therefore I tend to buy most of my clothes abroad and from vintage shops. I like to have clothes that no-one else has. Still I have to admit that I like reading fashion magazines like I-D and Vogue.“

Miia(right) and Olli
Town Hall Square, Tallinn

„I think we both have a preppy style. As you can see we really like shopping in Lacoste. We do not prefer high street or designer stores, but we like to mix both. (Miia) For new ideas I like to read Finnish magazines like Gloria and Trendi.(Olli) I don’t think my appearance reflects what I like, for example in music I really like rap music, but this doen’t mean I dress like a rapper.“

Viru street, Tallinn

„I really like hippie style, but sometimes I experiment with other styles also. I love looking old photographs and pictures. You can get so many ideas from them and they are also very emotional. I think celebrities’ styles are often too overrated and most of the people dress way better.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Heli (right) and Olle
The Old Town, Tallinn

Heli: „I like feminine clothes – heels and skirts make women look much better. I wear clothes that make me look good not what is trendy. For the last three years I have bought all my clothes from abroad, what I guess has become rather common with young people.“
Olle: „Although it would be nice to say that it is all about feeling comfortable, but reality is that I wouldn’t wear something that is comfortable, but looks bad. I used to buy clothes only from Estonian designers and brands like Monton, but now it isn’t so important anymore. I do not know if I could call Karl Lagerfeld my style idol, but I think he dresses really good and I sometimes get ideas from him, for example last winter I spent a while searching for a similar coat to what he had worn. “

Viru street, Tallinn

„I think the texture and shape of clothes is much more important than the colour. Colour should help to improve the shape not be the main thing. I really like Tilda Swinton’s style, but my own style is a mixture of this and that. I like to combine new things with some more unique vintage pieces.“

Prudence (left) and Tom
Viru street, Tallinn

Prudence: „We both come from Australia and have been travelling for a while now. I think in many ways my life and style has been influenced by Vivienne Westwood. I like to think that my style is different from the maistream looks. If I had to choose my favourite colour combination it would be orange and black - they just look so good together.“
Tom: „My number one fashion item is a black t-shirt. Music is my inspiration in everything I do, therefore my appearance also depends on what I listened before I got dressed. I think Prudence’s style is a mix of everything, lately she has been more into 80’s. We get most of our clothes from army disposal or charity shops. I like to buy t-shirts from concerts I go to.“

Friday, August 25, 2006

Tammsaare’s Park, Tallinn

„My style cannot be described with a one word.
Every day I feel like trying something new, therefore my clothes may vary from boho and funk to very glamorous. Most of my everyday clothes come from Zara and Diesel, because they just create some of the coolest looks out there.“

Viru Gates, Tallinn

„I am a Russian, but I live in Barcelona,
therefore my style is a mixture of Russian luxury and Spanish more bohemian styles. Both cultures have their own strong temperament and I love it. My favourite colour is black. It always looks good and you can never go wrong. The ultimate style icon is Coco Chanel."

Regina (left) and Alli
Vabaduse (Freedom) Square, Tallinn

„We think it is all about wearing what you feel
comfortable in and what you like. We are not that type of girls who read fashion magazines and do whatever is told there. We just open our wardrobes and mix’n’match. Most of our clothes come from our mothers-grandmothers or are bought from flea markets- Balti Jaam is especially good one. We also sometimes shop in Vero Moda.“

Finella (20,left) and Romily (15)
The Old Town, Tallinn

Finella: “We come from England and are just visiting
Tallinn. I am really into vintage, although I also get inspired by many celebs, for example I think Mischa Barton has a great style. Today I am wearing a dress that used to belong my great-grandmother.„

Romily: „I like to shop in Topshop and today most
of clothes come from there. I also like browsing around in vintage shops. I love Sienna Miller’s and Kate Moss’ style. “

Meeri-Maria (15)
Tammsaare’s Park, Tallinn

„I don’t have just one style, I like to experiment with different looks. It is all about mixing and combining. Today I am wearing clothes from local shops like Monton and A&G.“

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Hi, this is a new blog about streestyle, this time mainly in Estonia. Many of my friends used to say that you will NEVER find stylish people here, but well, as stubborn as I am I refused to lose hope.

I think these style blogs, although flooding the internet, make people dress better. When I lived in the UK I talked with some fashion people there and someone said that she nowadays always carefully picks her clothes hence not to end up in some magazine's"Don't" section.

Another reason why I decided to do this style blog was to remember visually all these interesting looks I've seen on the streets. Often it happens that I see some cool bags or jeans or whatever and when I get back to home I have forgotten how they exactly looked like. This is really pissing me off.

So this blog is really new and this idea is still very raw, give us time to make it good and people, don't forget, we are after you!