Saturday, September 23, 2006

Helga and Kristi (right)
Viru Str, Tallinn

Helga: „Today most of my clothes come from the States and the jacket is from Zara. I think people have started to think more about fashion. I don’t think I dress by my mood, but my mood depends on what I am wearing. If I end up thinking that my outfit isn’t the best it could be, I will feel awful for the rest of the day. It will sound cliché, but I think Kate Moss has the best style. “
Kristi: „ My style is based on colours- they have to match. I have my red and pink colour days and so on. I loved Carrie Bradshaw’s style in the Sex and the City. I think her personality made everything work for her. I think Estonian street style desperately needs to improve – I would like get inspired by other’s styles, but here it is rarely possible.“

Laur and Hanna (left)
Tammsaare’s Park,Tallinn

Laur :“My style is sort of Le Coq Sportif. I am influenced by the 80’s, David Bowie and my friends. You can sometimes find cool pieces from Tallinn’s second hands, but if you want something particular, you have to go abroad. There are so many cool Scandinavian labels out there, for example Tiger. I am planning to go and study design.“
Hanna: “I do not like the idea of having style icons. You can be influenced by someone, but there is too much copying out there. At the moment you can see Kate Moss wannabes everywhere and it is awful. I like to go shopping in Stockholm or Helsinki. My favourite high fashion label is Gucci, but out of more affordable companies I prefer Diesel.“

Friday, September 22, 2006

Viru Str, Tallinn

“I like my outfit to be premeditated – belt goes with the shoes and things like that. I wouldn’t go out and just ‘throw something on’. I get new ideas from here and there; it can come from a magazine or just be a feeling in heart. I know people who follow their own distinct style, whatever it could be military, renaissance, whatever, but in that way I am more relaxed. I rather tend to have some details that always have to be there, for example I rarely go without wearing something around my neck, and I am just so used to it. I think my favourite designer is Vivienne Westwood. ”

Narva Str, Tallinn

„I just read an article that in London this season everybody is wearing black and grey shades and I like the idea. So as autumn comes nearer colours in my wardrobe are going darker and monochromatic. My style is comfortable with a touch of originality and fanciness. Although I am a person who likes to shop in second hands, I really like and admire the Dolce & Gabbana duo. “

Tammsaare’s Park, Tallinn

“I am a true fan of high fashion. At the moment there are fashion weeks everywhere and I‘m looking through all these pictures. I want to start early and use the ideas to complement my wardrobe. I always adjust the ideas designers have used and make them more suitable for myself. I want to recognize my own sparkle in the clothes I am wearing. My favourite designers are Etro, Patrizia Pepe and McQueen.”

Viru Str, Tallinn

“My style depends on my mood. For the past months, because of my pregnancy, I have been wearing clothes that are really-really comfortable. My favourite colours are blue and lighter tones. You can find so many interesting clothes from your own wardrobe. Nowadays people have so many things and they buy more and more and forget all about what they own already. If you clean up your closet, you can find amazing stuff you had completely forgotten about. I think Estonian street style has improved tremendously – a couple of years ago the situation was horrible, but now everybody seems to have found their style.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Viru Gates

„People have a better style if they trust themselves and wear clothes accordingly to their inner feeling. I am studying fashion myself so I think it plays an important part in my life. My favourite designer is John Galliano, I wouldn’t call him an idol, but I respect him a lot.
I have not lived into Estonian rhythm of life yet, because I just came back from London. My favourite place there for shopping is Portobello, in Tallinn I like Paavli Street’s second hand. People here and in London are so different. In London you can wear anything – at mid-day go out with theatrical outfits and make up and no-one cares - but in Tallinn everybody would start staring and commenting. Estonians are much more judgmental. In a way it might be a good thing- way easier to get some attention.”

The Viru Centre

„My life involves quite a lot of travelling inside and outside Estonia, therefore I tend to wear very practical clothes with a good quality. I am also really into clothes with hidden ’treasures’ – overall look might be really basic, but if you look closer you find new interesting details from here and there. This is much more interesting than wearing a lot of patterns and accessories and in the end looking like a mess. Most of my clothes come from abroad, but in Estonia I shop in Hilfiger, S.Olivier or Zara. „

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Tanel (left), Raili & Raili’s roommate (right)
1öö%, Club Von Krahl, Tallinn

Raili: „ Today I am wearing a dress by my roomie, which I think suits me better. Actually, I think very many clothes I wear come from my roommate’s wardrobe. I am studying jewellery design though my current outfit doesn’t reflect that.“
Tanel: „Usually my style is just about being and wearing something eclectic. Today, as Raili insists, my style is a little bit ’Brokeback Mountain’, but not on purpose, just happened like that. How sad it may even sound, but unfortunately only decent place for shopping here, except vintage and so on, is the Viru centre, but for more unique pieces I like to go abroad. If I go shopping I Don’ Try to find something really striking, but something that really reflects me.“

1öö%, Club Von Krahl, Tallinn

„My style at the moment is „free and single“ in everything- lifestyle, fashion, partying...I try to change once in a while. Stories behind my clothes are too long and complicated to tell here, but well basically I get them from here and there and mainly from people I know or second hand shops. I think this is what basically most of the young people do.“

1öö%, Club Von Krahl, Tallinn

„For the past 7 years I have been living in Paris and I am studying Art for my Master degree. I think people here in Tallinn and in Paris are very different. I like to come here and feel free and wear whatever I like, while in Paris most of the people are really conservative in everything, therefore I like it better here. Today all my clothes come from flea markets.“

1öö%, Club Von Krahl, Tallinn

„I am a hairdresser and therefore I like to experiment with my hair. I wouldn’t say I choose my clothes based on my hair, but, well, it is pretty important. I buy whatever clothes I like (or at least think I like) and with me it really depends on my mood while shopping. This is why my wardrobe can vary from second hand finds from Haapsalu to exclusive pieces from different fashion capitals. Today I feel really playful- my skirt comes from Prague, slip-ons from Amsterdam, one top is from Tallinn’s Central market and so on and on, but I really do not care where I get my clothes. I get inspired by my friends - they are as colourful and crazy as I am- oh, and by my dresses.“
1öö% at Von Krahl