Thursday, June 28, 2007

EKA (Estonian Academy of Arts), Tallinn

I am not going to lie and say that all my ideas come from my head. In one way or another I am affected by different sub-cultures and street style. My favourites are dresses, skirts and high heels, though at the moment I am trying to find flip-flops I would like.

EKA (Estonian Academy of Arts), Tallinn

I think my style at the moment is very minimalist. I used to wear more colour, but one moment I needed a change. I don’t like when people wear too much, too flashy and too big accessories. My favourite designers are Dries Van Noten, Gareth Pugh and Marni.

Merle & Rene,
Viru str, Tallinn

Merle likes to experiment with different cuts, while Rene gets his inspiration from nu-rave and Japanese street style. Estonians tend to be too critical about what other people wear. We like to buy our clothes from second-hand stores and redo them.

Toompea, Tallinn

This summer my favourite colours are white and green, but I haven’t got one definite style. I think this is same with other Estonians too. When in Helsinki or Stockholm you can see, what is the current trend (e.g. nu-rave), then people here are all doing their own thing. I hate when people are label-obsessed and you can see the logos everywhere.

Viru str, Tallinn

This summer I try to wear more patterns and I am looking for colourful clothes. Though there are some shops I like in Estonia, I do most of my shopping abroad. Instead of reading magazines I browse through street style sites. My favourite ones come from USA.

Toompea, Tallinn

I’m in Tallinn on a vacation. I live in New York and my favourite shop there is Anthropologie. I have many dresses from there and this one too. I want my clothes to be flirty, feminine yet funky. I love dresses with flowy bottoms.

Viru str, Tallinn

People should wear such clothes they could pull off. In Estonia many men seem to think that if you wear Armani then you are immediately stylish. No two persons ever look alike in same clothes. People should understand what colours and cuts look the best on them.

Pikk str, Tallinn

I like to mix high-street with designers. One of my favourite shops is Zara. I like to wear feminine clothes and my favourite colour is pink. For ideas I read Elle and Vogue. This summer my favourites are babydoll dresses with flowers on them.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Viru str, Tallinn

I’m such a designer junkie. My favourite label is Dolce & Gabbana, but I also like high-street brands like Pepe jeans, Diesel and Miss Sixty. My favourite city style-wise is Milan. I just got back from Germany and I think many many people there dress a lot worse than in Estonia. This summer my favourites are shorts and heels

Suur-Karja str, Tallinn

I like to design and make my own jewellery. Recently, when Gianfranco Ferre died, I was overwhelmed with many different feelings and this was reflected in my appearance. My style really depends on my mood. I like to go to theatre, because plays are really inspiring.

Kelly & Laura,
Viru str, Tallinn

We really like different colours and patterns, especially chequered. We tend to buy clothes and later on start mixing and combining them with our wardrobes. Our favourite shop is Humana. This summer everybody seems to wear only black, but people should go for clothes that are more suitable for summer.

Viru Centre, Tallinn

Since my favourite shop ( Lai 10) was closed down, I have been looking for other similar shops, but it seems a hopeless case. This summer I am looking forward to wearing black and white dresses with flower patterns. I have always liked „grandma“-style clothes.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Town Hall Square, Tallinn

I am such a second-hand fan. I tried for a while shopping in ordinary high-street shops, but I was so disappointed with their quality. I really like all these “grandma” dresses and you can make them even cooler just by wearing some cool belt on them. I think I might be unconsciously affected by designers, but I cannot name any favourites.

Harju Str, Tallinn

I absolutely hate if magazines write about “do’s” and “don’t’s”. I always end up acting au contraire, for example therefore I avoid leggins. I think teenagers look all the same and this is bit stupid and boring. I buy my clothes from Humana or shops in Paris and mix high fashion with high street.

Viru Str, Tallinn

I am a graphic designer and I transfer many ideas from there to my own style. I like to wear colour, though today this might not seem like that. My favourite labels are Nudie Jeans and Cheap Monday. Estonians tend to choose one style and they are not willing to experiment anything else.

Annu & Kätlin,
Tammsaare’s Park, Tallinn

Annu: I like to read I:D and Vogue to keep up with the trends and get new ideas. I think very important is just feeling comfortable in your skin.
Kätlin: I try to avoid wearing black. Music is very very important, because music creates your mood and this in turn affects daily style. I like to design and make my clothes.

Siiri & Marika,
Viru Str, Tallinn

Siiri: I think my style is bit low-key, but I like colours. The problem is that somehow it is always easier to wear something monochromatic.
Marika: Well, I on the other hand try to be unconventional. I like to choose one style and follow it for a day or so, today it is kolkhoz. I don’t think I have ever had any idols. I think it is all about improving and developing your style.

Viru Str, Tallinn

I like to shop in second-hands and flea markets. In summer I tend to wear more colour. I think this is overall trend in Estonia that in winter most of the people are in black. At the moment it is very important for me to feel comfortable.

Maile & Kadri,
Viru Str, Tallinn

Maile: In Estonia there aren’t many shops to choose from and therefore my favourites are Zara and Mango. Some people say I am influenced by Sienna Miller, but I am not sure, maybe.
Kadri: I do a lot of shopping abroad, especially in Helsinki. Estonian women really like to take care of themselves, but very often it ends up looking just bit too over the top.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Rüütli str, Pärnu

I am in Pärnu on a vacation and of course my style is affected by that too. In summer I like wearing floaty clothes and a lot of colour. I also simply love all kind of jewellery. I get ideas from everything. It can be that in the morning I see a nice leaf and then decide that green would be the best colour for today.

Tammsaare’s Park, Tallinn

Today I went shopping for flip-flops and sandals, but I couldn’t find any. These are only shoes I wear in summer. I think girls should remain girls, but lately I have noticed that many girls try to dress like boys. I think there should remain some distinction. I don’t have favourite designers, because the quality of their collections changes every season.

Viru str, Tallinn

I don’t have one favourite colour and I try to avoid wearing same colour in different shades. In winter I want to feel warm and in summer my clothes have to cool me down. I very often feel that people are gazing me strangely, as if I had just jumped out from a flea market.

Viru str, Tallinn

I think my style is at the moment quite sporty and my favourite brand is Diesel. I really like the 60’s and Roy Lichtenstein' s
cartoon art. These things evoke many ideas. I think style in Estonia is improving very rapidly and it is only positive.
Ulla-Mai & Eero,
Tammsaare’s Park, Tallinn

Ulla-Mai: I really like shopping for vintage and second-hand clothes, but I don’t mind buying clothes from shops like Vero Moda too. I like colourful clothes and ones with different patterns. I like almost all decades except 90’s and 80’s, but if I find something in eighties’ style that I like, I’ll still buy it.

Tammsaare’s Park, Tallinn

I love red and electric blue and as you can see I wear it quite often. I especially like red shoes and very often build up an outfit on them. Out of shops in Estonia, I like to shop at Mango. Very important is to be satisfied by your outfit and it isn’t important what other people think.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Harju str, Tallinn

Quality is very important and recently I have started to like more feminine clothes. There have been times when I basically dressed as a boy. I get ideas from celebrities like Johnny Depp, but also from fashion shows I have done.

Viru str, Tallinn

I want my clothes to be really positive and colourful. Clothes have to make yourself and other people happy. I think colourful clothes do that. I try not to copy someone, but many people here do that.

Silja & Renè
Harju str, Tallinn

Silja likes old things, for example this blazer that used to belong to Rene’s grandmother, while Rene absolutely hates Adidas Superstar sneakers and all that rap gear. Estonian style is quite alright taken into account the fact that we do not have as much money and shops as many people in Western Europe.

Viru str, Tallinn

I see myself as a crazy bohemian with hat-fetish. I like winter better, because you can wear more layers and black and grey. I think menswear is often more inspiring and I get ideas from many British groups, e.g. Arctic Monkeys.

Suur-Karja str, Tallinn

My style is sort of a combination of correctness and untidiness. I like these cardigans and sweaters that can be used for layering. Tastelessness is quite common among Estonians and especially among local celebrities. Well, at first it would help to open up one H&M here.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Supernoova at Estonia, Tallinn

I like to travel and when I do that, I see different street styles that are very inspiring. My recent trip was to Tokyo. I like that people there are very androgynous. My favourite label is Cheap Monday from Sweden, but I also like Vivienne Westwood.

Eva-Maria & Kärt,
Supernoova at Estonia, Tallinn

Kärt is wearing one of my designs for tonight. My street style and my collection could be described as well done copying. All the ideas in the world have been used, but good designers can combine old things and make something completely new out of it.

Mariana & Kirill,
Supernoova at Estonia, Tallinn

Our everyday style is everything our label MAKI represents. We love colourful jersey fabric and of course jewellery - especially plastic and colourful jewellery. It is a plastic life for us. Our style and label is a mixture of everything we see and want to have.

Supernoova at Estonia, Tallinn

I buy most of my clothes from abroad. I especially like shopping in London and Barcelona. I think my style is affected by music I listen. Recently I have been into Björk’s new album.

Supernoova at Estonia, Tallinn

I am quite laid-back and conservative, but my favourite label is Diesel. I also work for Diesel and through that I am influenced by Italian fashion. I think fashion there isn’t too over the top, but still is very interesting.
Out of magazines I read Homme and L' Uomo Vogue.

Supernoova at Estonia, Tallinn

I like to wear a lot of blue, white and silver. I get ideas from my own feelings, especially from my negative feelings. While Estonian street style might be a bit low-key, our runway level is really good.

Supernoova at Estonia, Tallinn

I really like minimalism and I want my clothes to reflect my inner world. I don’t follow particular designers, because they see fashion differently than I do and therefore I try to find my own road. I think Estonians are very trendy and this could be a good and a bad thing.

Supernoova at Estonia, Tallinn

Today I look so formal because of the event, but I do put some effort to my everyday style too. My favourite designer is Dsquared, but I shop at second-hands. Estonian style would improve so much, if more people did that.

Supernoova at Estonia, Tallinn

I love exploring the extremes and I absolutely adore jewellery. At the moment I especially like different golden chains. I don’t like feminine clothes, because often they seem boring. Today my favourite collection was Liisi Eesmaa’s.

Merli ,
Supernoova at Estonia, Tallinn

The most important aspect of my style is that I have to feel free in all my clothes. Then of course I don’t want to feel uncomfortably, but feeling free is essential. I like wearing colourful clothes and I recommend Estonians to experiment more.
Doris & Luca,
Supernoova at Estonia, Tallinn

Doris likes to wear more feminine clothes, while Luca’s style is more retro than feminine. We read fashion magazines for ideas. There aren’t many Estonian ones, but out of those we read Cosmopolitan. Overall, Estonians are quite fashion-conscious, but there aren’t many very interesting and original people.

Supernoova at Estonia, Tallinn

I hate the thought of trying to look sexy. This is really not important to me. I want my style to be feminine, yet powerful and radical and combined with childlike shapes and details. I think Audrey Hepburn had a remarkable style-sense.

Supernoova at Estonia, Tallinn

Usually I wear sweats, but today I thought there is a party and I should wear something nice, well not exactly, but I am not sure what affects me. Today I wasn’t sure if I wanted to wear this shirt or this dress and in the end I decided to wear both.

Eva ,
Supernoova at Estonia, Tallinn

Weird thing is that I absolutely love colours, but I always end up wearing black and grey. My ultimate favourite fashion houses are Chanel and Balenciaga, but since their clothes are pretty unreachable in Estonia I have my clothes done especially to me or I shop at vintage stores.

Jana-Liisa ,
Supernoova at Estonia, Tallinn

Very important aspect of fashion is feeling comfortable. I get many ideas from internet but also from Estonian designers. For example today I wear nautical clothes inspired by one of the last year Supernoova’s contestant.

Supernoova at Estonia, Tallinn

Essential part of my wardrobe are different dresses. I like them in every shape, in every pattern and colour. I think Estonians should be braver with their style choices. You cannot go wrong if you know what looks nice on you.