Monday, September 28, 2009

Telliskivi Loomelinnak, Tallinn

I try to wear clothes that would not be so obvious and mainstream. At the moment I'm loving these boots. I like to go bit crazy, but I don't like when people wear too colourful outfits. I usually keep it to 2-3 colours and their shades, because otherwise it is too much -you would not be able to see the person inside the clothes. I know it sounds bit funny, but I feel that different clothes and colours communicate with each other and a good outfit has a harmony between the details. In general, I love fashion and FTV is always playing in the background. My favourite designers are John Galliano for his own line and Dior, Alexander McQueen and Jeremy Scott. I also love people watching and very often I find myself thinking about someone's outfit and how to improve it and how it would look on me. Most of my friends have an amazing style, so it is really easy to get ideas from them. It is great that we sort of encourage each other to experiment with our own style and no-one is judgmental.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Laikmaa Str, Tallinn

I don't think I can describe my style. Well, of course, I really like black clothes and more recently also grey ones, but otherwise my style just depends on my mood. One day I want to wear weird shapes, but the other I wear something very modest and simple.Today it is all about many layers and different textures. When I go shopping, I don't have a concept or ideas what to get, I just choose clothes that seem exciting or feel right. I don't care about brands at all, but I tend to buy more new clothes than vintage. I think my friends are the most stylish and beautiful and lovely people, so they just inspire me in everything I do.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Harju Str, Tallinn

Well, of course I'm interested in fashion, but for me being interested in and following every trend are two very different things. I like to have my own look, which means that very often I have to improvise. For example, I made this headband this morning from a tie. Also, I have altered this jacket to make a belt. I think one of my all time favourite designers is Rick Owens, who always has something nice, but I also like someone like Valentino, who is very out there yet classical and feminine. But my dream would be owning a pair of Nicholas Kirkwood's shoes. He is amazing and amazingly expensive. Maybe one day, hopefully soon... There are more and more talented Estonian designers, but I don't think they have a place where to showcase their work, so it is difficult to follow what they are doing.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rocca al Mare, Tallinn

Over the past couple of years I have really toned down my personal style. I used to love outgoing and colourful clothes, because I wanted to show the world how positive and fun-loving I can be, but now I think a sincere smile is enough. Personal style becomes more mature as well and for me it has meant darker shades, but I don't think it always has to be like that. For example, I really like Vivienne Westwood's personal style, because she proves that it doesn't matter how old you are, you can still wear these crazy clothes, look stylish and still feel comfortable in your own skin. So, maybe one day I will go back to my old style. Today I'm actually bit more dressed up than usual: a friend of mine just asked if I was to a reception or something. But I just felt really great today and wanted to wear something smart.

You can see an older picture of Carmen here

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Vana-Viru Str, Tallinn

I prefer to buy clothes from less-known labels and new upcoming designers, because I absolutely hate when people wear huge logos and when you can recognize the clothes from fashion magazines. I live in Helsinki, but as I travel most of the time, I buy my clothes from abroad like Paris or New York, and I also like to shop online, because I can get clothes from labels not available here, say, American Apparel. Today I'm wearing a jacket from a second-hand in Berlin, hat from somewhere in Finland, scarf by Henrik Vibskov, jeans by Nudie and glasses by Italian label SUPER. But I think I'm quite relaxed when it comes to my style and I don't think about it too much. It is not the most important thing in my life. My style changes whenever I have time to buy new clothes. At the moment I really want to get a trenchcoat, probably in black - because black is the new black.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Tammsaare's Park, Tallinn

I really like vintage and second-hand clothes, because they are not so predictable. I think one person, who wears vintage so nicely is Alexa Chung: mainly because she combines vintage with designer clothes. Also, besides her, Kate Moss has a very effortless style and uses a lot of vintage items. Tallinn, and Estonia in general, is great for finding good second-hand clothes, because people here have a completely different taste compared to, say, England, where I'm currently studying in university. So, always when I come home here, I can get so many cool second-hand items, but usually shopkeepers look at me as if I'm crazy to buy the things I buy. I think my taste and style has changed after I went to England. Here I was very into 'comfortable' clothes, jeans, sneakers and so on, but there I have gotten really into fashion and more dressy outfits. My current favourite designer is Alexander Wang.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Laikmaa Str, Tallinn

As I'm still a high school student, I have to wear modest and smart clothes to school, so in the evening, I like to dress up. This fall I will be wearing a lot of sequined and velvet items. My absolute favourite designers are Gareth Pugh and Martin Margiela, their avant-garde designs and shapes are so inspiring. I do like exhibitionism in fashion, but only to a certain degree. With Estonian fashion, I think the main problem is that brands like Monton are way too plain and simple, while Supernoova caliber designers make clothes that are simply unwearable, because we don't have proper events for them. Besides that, I really like films, especially ones made by Sophia Coppola. While Pugh and Margiela have very strong looks, then Coppola's films and the beautiful looks and cinematography have helped me to tone it down

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Tammsaare's Park, Tallinn

My closet consists mainly of second-hand clothes. Partly because I think we all should go green and stop consuming and creating new products, but also because second-hand clothes are cheap. Combines two nice things. However, I do like to buy new t-shirts with prints of my favourite artists' works. I study in the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland, so I get my energy and ideas from art and the art scene. In Tallinn, I like that you can see so many people wearing second-hand and vintage clothes, which makes the street scene so different from Western Europe, where people think they are so fashionable yet they all look like H&M or Topshop clones. I think people here are more alternative than they actually think they are, while in other places it is the opposite. But I also like the street style in the UK, or at least in some circles, because it is experimental yet uses things from the past. I like street style because it helps to get ideas how to re-use or re-style clothes I already have. You usually forget about half of the clothes you own and every now and then I see someone wearing this cool sweater, or something like that, and then it would remind me that I have something similar.