Friday, November 30, 2007


Next week is Tallinn versus Glasgow. There are new pictures every day, so I would be really grateful if you could go and vote every day! We have been really successful thanks to you! If we win, we will be final four and could win the whole competition. Thank you :)

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Schnelli’s Pond, Tallinn

My style is combined out of 3 ingredients. First, my appearance reflects my personality and what is going on inside, secondly everything I wear has a good quality and finally, my clothes are comfortable. I design clothes and I’m a big fan of coats. Ideas come when I am sleeping so I have to get up and sketch them- every now and then it can get annoying.

Vabaduse Square, Tallinn

You have to keep you mind open for new ideas, because they are everywhere: magazines, other people, photos, books etc For a bigger diversity, I tend to shop at second-hands and especially at Humana, though it has become more commercial. I also love Balti Jaama’s flea markets.

Viru Gates, Tallinn

If I have enough time, I’ll try to customize my clothes. For example I changed my coat’s buttons, because I wanted them to be more colourful. I spent a year in Portugal and people there are bit too bohemian and don’t care what they wear, while here people overthink their clothes – you should go for something in the middle.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Viru str, Tallinn

I’m a big fan of layering. I also like short jackets that enable you to see what someone is wearing underneath them too. Colours are really important, and my current favourite is purple. I used to like red too, but now I’m bored with it. There are some really stylish Estonians, for example Beatrice and Heidy Purga have a great style.

Korean Student Films at Von Krahl, Tallinn

I don’t like to talk about fashion and clothes. Instead I’m a big fan of films. My favourites are Requiem for a Dream and Trainspotting. Films affect me a lot

Town Hall Square, Tallinn

I have been living in Tallinn for two months now, I’m from Japan and came here as a tourist, but I stayed for little longer. Street style is major in Japan and especially in Tokyo. Japanese people like to go over the top and look like real-life anime heroes. Sometimes it is cool, but it can look tacky. I wear whatever feels comfortable and looks nice on me.

Tammsaare’s Park, Tallinn

I really like skinny jeans and I’d love to find a nice oversized knitted jumper with a hood. In Estonia I mainly shop at Zara, but if I go abroad I always go to H&M. I sometimes browse fashion magazines, but I like to watch other people. Estonians actually dress really well, but maybe bit too smart.

Angela and Anna,
Kullassepa str, Tallinn

We are visiting from Sweden and our current style is just about feeling comfortable. We work at a shop called Indiska and we get a lot of stuff from there. Other favourites are shops like H&M, Mexx and Esprit. It is important to keep up with fashion, but make it your own. Angela’s favourite colour is black and Anna’s are brown and purple.

Rataskaevu str, Tallinn

My current favourites are different broken shades of brown and green. Many Estonians have a ‘summer’ and then also ‘winter’ style, but mine remains the same. I like to wear colour, but every now and then black is also a great option. I’m not a big fan of labels, because they actually cheapen your style.

Tammsaare’s Park, Tallinn

I’m from Helsinki and I love that there are quite a few different stylish subcultures going on, although unfortunately they are a minority. I love the scarf I’m wearing, it is by Henrik Vibskov. I mainly shop at second-hands or for young designers- this way I can get more unique clothes.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Greiss and Liisu,
Metal on Metal at Von Krahl, Tallinn

We don’t believe in saying what is right or wrong in fashion. Although, it would be a good idea to avoid wearing top-to-toe one label e.g. Zara and Mango. We like to combine completely random things we have bought from second-hands.

Metal on Metal at Von Krahl, Tallinn

Usually I wear black combined with some colour, but when it is a party, I go for brighter colours. My current favourites are neon green and purple. My previous style was very monochrome and now I want to have fun. I prefer second-hands and wearing a famous label is more negative than positive.

Metal on Metal at Von Krahl, Tallinn

I like to wear weird clothes with some edge. Ideas and inspiration is like a puzzle game. You collect the pieces and try to put them together, but now you have a right to combine them however you want to.

Metal on Metal at Von Krahl, Tallinn

Appearance isn’t number 1 in life. It should be a little game of experimenting with new things. If we try to have rules in fashion, we are going to limit any kind of improvement. We should not think so much about fashion and be genuine. There are so many people trying to be original, but in the end, they all look the same.

Metal on Metal at Von Krahl, Tallinn

If I have time, I like to make my own clothes. Usually I’ll take a piece of cloth and just randomly sew it together. This orange dress is my own design. Is a style sense too much to ask for? Estonians should try to be more individual.

David Lynch at Kosmos, Tallinn

My ultimate style icon has to be Yves Saint Laurent. He is incredibly talented and inspirational. I actually prefer Estonians not knowing much about fashion, because then our street style is much more interesting. People develop their own style not copy whatever was in a recent Vogue.

Viru Centre, Tallinn

People here are obsessed with consumerism – they buy too many clothes that they won’t even wear. I like to shop in second-hands and I rarely go to big department stores. However, I got this sweatshirt from one, but I have been wearing this for 3 years or so.