Saturday, April 19, 2008

Leyla and Janne,
Aleksanterinkatu, Helsinki, Finland

It is actually a bad thing that Finnish street style has improved so much in recent years – it makes it harder to stand out. We usually buy from second-hand shops, because then it is less likely to see the same thing on someone else. If we still buy from some high street shop, we customize it. Old bands inspire us, for example The Rolling Stones and The Who.

Kiasma, Helsinki, Finland

I haven’t been shopping for ages, because as a student I rarely have money for that. Although I don’t buy big labels, there are many designers I like and I’m also into Japanese fashion. I think Japanese have a beautiful skin colour and dark hair that looks good with everything; therefore they can wear so crazy ensembles.

Simonkatu, Helsinki, Finland

I never wear black, only very colourful clothes. I usually try to find them from second-hands like UFF. I don’t get my inspiration from other people, because at least in Finland people wear too dark colours. Instead, I get my inspiration from art, especially from the works of Mark Rothko.

Aleksanterinkatu, Helsinki, Finland

My style is ever-changing. About 6 months ago I had a very girly style, now it is really tomboyish. My current style icon is Agyness Deyn, who also inspired this haircut. Her hair always looks so good, so I take pictures of her to my hairdressers and demand as good cut as she has. I usually shop at second-hands and my favourite ones in Helsinki are the UFF stores.

Sanna-Liisa and Milla,
Simonkatu, Helsinki, Finland

The fact that we are both wearing so much grey, is a pure coincidence. We actually like colour, especially pink. We like to be unique, but still not too over the top. It is more about unique details. We gather ideas from everywhere, as we both study fashion, it plays a huge part in our lives.

Kiasma, Helsinki, Finland

Street style and especially Hel-Looks is really popular in Helsinki, but this has had a negative effect on everyone’s style. Now young people look too streetstylish and this look is not innovative anymore, but mainstream. I really like the vibe on 70’s and 80’s New York and I also love bands from that era. I think this is reflected in my personal style also.

Simonkatu, Helsinki, Finland

My style is hip hop meets Asian street styles. Recently I discovered some Thai designers and labels, which are my favourites at the moment. I like to stand out, but I don’t think much about fashion. There are some labels I always buy, for example CLH, and later on I just combine whatever I have.

Mannerheimintie, Helsinki, Finland

I used to be very critical about Finnish street style, but there are more and more people who look really good. I love reading fashion magazines, for example Elle, and there are so many designers who I like, though I rarely buy anything from them. My favourite international designer is Marc Jacobs, I especially love his shoes and bags, and Finnish designer is Rinne Niinikoski.