Monday, October 19, 2009

West Road, Cambridge

I'm from this really small place near Manchester, so the first time I went to London I was amazed how wacky yet original people looked there. I'm really loving the environment and style in Cambridge as well. I would describe my style as being bit messy and grunge, so place like Cambridge is perfect both in terms of inspiration and fitting in. I think students here look really amazing. This fall I'm really loving all kinds of knitwear and chunky boots. I get my clothes from very random places, for example, I got these boots from this girl at some festival, who swapped them for food, because they didn't fit or something like that. But I also wear a lot of stuff from vintage stores. However, I also like designer fashions as well and I got this Vivienne Westwood bag for my eighteenth birthday and it is still my most priced possession. I really love Vivienne Westwood and I think she embodies British fashion.

Friday, October 09, 2009

All Saints Passage, Cambridge

I grew up in Central London, and quite early started to hang out in places like BoomBox. A couple years ago everything there was about wearing extremely over the top clothes, and even if I kept it somewhat modest - or as modest a leather shift dresses and such can be – my friends went all for it. I liked that I could go to these places, explore new styles and have good time. It is all about self-expression. But I guess my style changes a lot depending where I am. My style changed drastically after I moved to Paris and I would never wear too crazy things here in Cambridge. I get most of my inspiration from films and I have so many stills saved in my computer. I absolutely love French New Wave cinema, and for a while I had a slight obsession with Louise Brooks. My hair used to be cut like hers – really short and really strong. However, now I'm trying to grow it long.
You can follow Louise's blog here

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Market Place, London
I'm originally from Milan, but I've been living in London for three years. I still go to Milan 2-3 times a month and I love how everyone there knows their fabrics and appreciates good quality and style. Here, on the other hand, people can be much more adventurous, but there are also very many of those whose style and knowledge in fashion is dictated only by what high street shops offer and promote. I never buy anything from such places and, instead, I prefer young and upcoming designers. And to be honest, I have noticed that thanks to the recession many people have started to appreciate the quality again. So, I think this crisis in fashion industry, and in the economy in general, could actually help to narrow the differences between big chains and young designers. I work as a fashion PR for Katie Eary, Katie Rowland and Ugo Cacciatori, so I can get so many amazing pieces from them. At the moment, I'm really into this pirate style, which I have combined today with a trampy Sherlock Holmes look, but my personal style changes somewhat drastically in every couple of months.